Tatiana was graduated from Moscow State University in the Psychology Department. She holds a PhD in developmental psychology.
After 15 years in Academia, she joined the non-profit sector as a director of NGO School Foundation. Her expertise and professional interests are in the field of development social purpose organization (theory of change, impact management, strategy, and fundraising). According to Russian Reporter magazine, she was one of 100 most recognizable influencers in Russia in 2009.
In 2011 she was lucky to meet Reach For Change Sweden and fell in love with the idea of unleashing the power of social entrepreneurship for the better life of children and youth. Under her leadership, R4C program has launched in Russia, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Croatia.  
In 2015 Tatiana became the co-founder of Navstrechu Peremenam Foundation and since that is a Chair of the Foundation  Board.
Tatiana is a Board member of the Russian National  Fundraising Association, Board member of the Bulgarian Foundation Promyanata.
Tatiana likes to work with students and run courses in social finance, fundraising, and social entrepreneurship in HSE and Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University  

  • Day 1 – Wednesday 9 June
  • 10.00 – 10.50

Social entrepreneurship and social investment in the Eastern Partnership & Russia – lessons learnt and ways forward

At this session you will meet the partners of the "Collaborate for Impact" project, learn about their work and hear about the activities they plan to conduct in the next years of the project implementation.  Watch the session recording