Magdalena Czuchryta, Manager of Social Economy Department in TISE since August 2020, previously Senior Analyst in the same Team for 4 years, 2009-2015 Manager of Social Economy Support Centre in the Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE), responsible for trainings and grants for individuals or organisations willing to develop social economy entity, 2004-2008 recruitment consultant in international corporations. My background is in social and cross-cultural psychology. Knowledge from that field is quite frequently in use – as a social economy team in TISE we are focused on financial data, but always add peoples’ dreams, attitude and motivation to the equation.

  • Day 3 – Friday 11 June
  • 10.00 – 10.50

Partnering for better social outcomes – Lessons learnt from EU public-private collaboration

In order to strengthen Europe’s social dimension and the funding of various social initiatives at the national level, the European Commission, national governments and private social stakeholders have partnered-up putting the cornerstone of some unique EU success stories. This session will introduce the audience to the European Commission's endeavours in facilitating access to finance for social enterprises. It will point out the hurdles of social economy at the local level through the recent study of Social Business Initiative. The second part of the session aims to showcase some best practices in setting up impactful public-private financial mechanisms which overcame these legal, administrative or regulatory barriers within the EU member states. Watch the session recording