Gulnara Ismailova is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Education HUB in Azerbaijan. Education HUB have demonstrated their capacity to engage in highly relevant advocacy action but have also highlighted their potential to do more and better. She has vast international experience in social programs development, civic education facilitation and coaching. She strongly believes that promoting social entrepreneurship helps to increase active youth participation in the social development of Azerbaijan. She conducted more than 100 training for 5000 participants. Gulnara mainly focuses on the empowerment and development of young women from rural parts of Azerbaijan.

  • Day 1 – Wednesday 9 June
  • 10.00 – 10.50

Social entrepreneurship and social investment in the Eastern Partnership & Russia – lessons learnt and ways forward

At this session you will meet the partners of the "Collaborate for Impact" project, learn about their work and hear about the activities they plan to conduct in the next years of the project implementation.  Watch the session recording