Doug Miller is an American who has been in the financial services industry, primarily private equity since the 1970s [now retired]. Most of his business career he spent working out of London. His efforts were primarily Europe, Asia and occasionally Middle East and Latin America.

He’s been engaged heavily in philanthropy for the last 30+ years and was the Founder/Chairman of both EVPA [2005] and AVPN [2011]. He’s presently Chairman of IVPC, which is facilitating similar networks in both Africa and Latin America.

His first trip to Central and Eastern Europe was in the early ‘70s and included Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia.

Doug has provided financial support for the Central European effort since inception through his private family foundation.

He’s a huge believer in collaboration as it brings different perspectives, different connections and different sources of capital.

  • Day 2 – Thursday 10 June
  • 14.00 – 14.50

Business engagement for social change: lessons learnt from social investors and companies

Venture philanthropy and social investment is still at a nascent stage of development in the Central Eastern Europe and Eastern Partnership region. In this session you will hear from social investors and companies already working in these geographies, on their models of support. They will also share their motivation to engage in such activities, as professionals coming from the traditional investment or business space. Watch the session recording