Daniel Nowack is Managing Director at Yunus Social Business. Daniel works with corporate partners to inspire purpose-driven innovation and transformation of value chains through social business initiatives. Together with partners such as MAN Truck & Bus, Melitta or Merck, Daniel and his team develop Joint Ventures with corporations to solve social or environmental problems through business means.

Through various roles in startups and the impact ecosystem, Daniel connects the dots between science fiction and social fiction. He is a former CFO to various startups, a Senior Partner at the innovation agency Lumen Partners, a founding member of a German faith-based investment club, a mentor for Google Launchpad and Founders Institute as well as a lecturer for Lean Startup at University RheinMain and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.

  • Day 2 – Thursday 10 June
  • 10.00 – 10.50

The role of corporations in building social entrepreneurship ecosystems

Why is a market leader in enterprise software advocating for social business and social procurement? Why is a leading vehicle manufacturer interested in supporting social ventures in transport and logistics? Together with Daniel Nowack from Yunus Social Business, Alexandra van der Ploeg (SAP) and Fabian Heidinger (MAN Truck & Bus), we will explore the role of companies in supporting social business and creating an inclusive and sustainable economy. Daniel will also share the story of Yunus Social Business and its role in philanthropic venture funds and corporate innovation. Watch the session recording